1) By Review Of Any Property In This Portal You Agree To All Terms Of Use.


The following terms and conditions are read, understood and agreed to by any use of this property portal. If you or anyone you share this property information with does not agree, you and/or they both agree you shall not use this portal in any capacity, including but not limited to, review, detail request or sharing of property details. This is without exception.


Address of property furnished by request due to confidentiality if not indicated. No circumvention is permitted, if circumvention occurs you or anyone you share property details with who circumvents, will be held liable for fee. All use, requests and lookins to this property portal are recorded and indexed to insure no circumvention has occurred and as documentation of your visitation and use to and of this portal. We make no claim as lister of any property unless indicated and any or all property may be sold, withdrawn from sale or contain errors, omissions,changes in property status and details at anytime, with no prior notice to us or us to you. You understand and agree by using this property portal, to request and receive further property details, you shall reply directly to the request details form in the property section. You understand and agree we are providing you only a property overview subject to request for more formal offering details as per confidentiality purposes.


General property information is furnished, subject to specific property details provided by request. These are prime off market and quiet on market properties all details are protected kept confidential and discreet as such. To receive property details reply directly to the property post. No further property details will be provided until request is received.


It is understood due to confidential nature of property in some instances a ncnd or nda or proof of funds may be required by property source for you to receive a full offering on a property, you agree you will provide such documentation if requested and sign the ncnd or nda if required by property source. This is a case by case scenario and if or when requested by our property source, you will be given notification of the request.


All Property details are subject to errors, omissions, changes, sale or withdrawal at anytime with no prior notice from our property source to us or us to you. Circumvention is prohibited, if we are first to introduce you to a property or re-introduce you to one, renewing your interest in it. This non - circumvention rule, applies to any person or persons you share such property with as well. You and they both agree and understand you or anyone you share property with who circumvents, agree to be held liable for such action. This liability may include full fee payable to us plus, any other costs which arise out of circumvention should you or they purchase such a property. All lookins and requests are registered in this venue to assure no circumvention.


No claim is made by us as lister or owner of any property unless indicated. This is without exception, we value, protect and preserve the integrity, data, discreet nature and confidentiality of all property details here. We provide general details only of each property subject to request for specific details.


All property inquiries will properly be directed to our property source as is proper protocol. We never circumvent our property source nor do we furnish any property full details including, addresss of a property until or unless, requested out of respect, integrity of property data and courtesy to our property source- per the confidential nature of their property.


As such, as we provide only general information on a property subject to request for specific information, we bear no liability for any property offered here as only property introductory summary overview furnished and we are not the originators, providers nor representors of any property details or information. We furnish and/or provide only what is made public by, furnished by and/or represented by or orignated by our property sources.


Any property status or details may and can change at anytime due to seller or broker preference and/or changing market conditions. We bear no liability or responsibility for the inability or refusal of any property source to provide requested property details nor to any change in property status or error or ommissions in any property details.


Purchaser must independently verify all details of property prior to purchase. 


This portal was created as a portal to offer property to our existing clients but is open to new clients as well. If you are a broker or consultant contacting us on any property to cobroke it or share in fee, this decision will strictly be at our discretion. If agreed upon, this agreement and all terms will be subject to a separate fee agreement.


It is agreed and understood when contacting us for property details you agree you shall present your proper status as buyer, broker or both and proper contact details. You understand and agree we retain sole right at anytime to change, alter or modify any and all terms and conditions with no prior notice.


It is understood that all property in this portal is protected and all property details, such as property specific particulars such as address in most cases, will only be furnished by request. Requests are to be made directly to the property offering. You understand due to the private and confidential nature of these off market and on market properties, replies must be made to acquire further specifics property details. You understand and agree whether you are the property source or non - source broker or a property purchaser that we are to be held harmless pertaining to any property here, as all property details are kept discreet and confidential by us, offered only in highlite summary form and are originated, represented, furnished by and from external sources to us and are subject to request for further details only, to obtain property specifics and further property details including official offering memorandums if one exists for your property of interest.


You agree and understand due to sensitive nature and privacy of all property in this portal all details on property are kept confidential and discreet. You agree and understand if property source, we shall always direct all inquiries including offers, show requests and questions back to you from interested parties and that we value, protect and keep private all pertinant property details such as address until or unless requested by interested party.


We understand and maintain the privacy of specific property details such as address based on the confidential and quiet status of properties and out of courtesy to our property sources here. Any request by our interested parties for om, offering memorandums or official offering on the property or properties of interest shall properly be made to you as property source by us. It is understood by you as property source we never represent ourselves as owner or lister of your property we never have and we never will. Any property we own or are listers of we shall indicate as such visibly in the offering.


By entering this portal or using it in any capacity you agree to all terms and conditions stated herewithin in their entirety without exception, if not, you agree you shall not enter this portal or use it in any capacity, including but not limited to, review, request for property details or sharing of any property details. Furthermore, if you are a purchaser, you represent yourself to be a ready, willing and able purchaser able to provide valid proof of funds and bio if requested or if you are a broker or consultant, you represent you have a ready, willing and able purchaser who can and will, if requested, be able to provide a valid proof of funds and bio along with loi if requested.





We will never circumvent or represent ourselves as owner or lister of your property. All offers, inquiries and show requests from any interested clients, come to you from us.

We use this portal to showcase, highlite and offer summary introduction of property to our client base.

We fully protect and value the integrity and confidential discreet nature of property details and of property status, whether off market or on market property.

We offer only introductory summary overview of property subject to specific property details of the property provided by request.

This portal allows our client base and new clients to quickly assess any initial interest in a property and quickly request further specific details on the property.

This is how we are able to introduce clients to your great deals.

We value you and we thank you. Warmest regards.